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Sony PS5 Pro could be in work?!

Sony PS5 pro leak

AMD is looking for cross-platform chip developers for their next generation of processor cores, according to a job posting. In fact, according to the job description, you’ll be working with the team behind the processor that powers Xbox, PlayStation 3, and the most recent RDNA-family graphics chip. This indicates that there could be work goin on in the development of Sony PS5 Pro.

Will Sony PS5 Pro come?

In addition, Sony and Microsoft are also familiar with this area of the map. The timing of this action may coincide with Sony’s own timelines. The Sony PS4 Pro is an example of a firm launching a mid-cycle upgrade between the PS4 and PS5. In this way, the business was able to retain their platform strong enough for the most recent games, without seeing anything in the way of a performance decrease.

Because of this, the Sony PS5 Pro is still a possibility. A proprietary AMD Zen 2 core architecture is used in the PS5’s current design. AMD’s RDNA2 generation GPU cores take care of the graphics. Even a unique Zen 3 core architecture for the SoC and RDNA3 for the next generation GPU might be included to Sony’s PS5 Pro, which is expected to be released in 2019.

However, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Since the PS5’s release, Sony has had a difficult time making enough of the console available to gamers. This has resulted in a lack of interest in the console thus far. It’s very feasible that Sony may delay the PS5 Pro’s release and instead push the console’s life cycle to a shorter period of time – and launch the PS6 instead.

In either event, with AMD commencing the hiring process for next generation bespoke console processors, we should see an outcome in physical form within the next two or three years — if not, sooner.


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