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Tata Nexon EV, Nexon EV Max, and Tigor EV prices hiked: Here are details of new pricing

The cost of Tata Motors’ electric vehicles in India will increase. This implies that those looking to purchase either of its popular all-electric SUVs, the Nexon EV or its older brother, the Nexon EV Max, will now find that they are more expensive. The Tata Tigor EV, an all-electric sedan, which is part of the company’s more affordable lineup, is also impacted by the price increase.

It should be noted that Tata Motors has raised the cost of its EVs before. The new increase is actually the third price increase for the Nexon EV in the last six months. The Indian auto giant has not stated the reason for the practice, but it appears to be used across its entire EV lineup in the nation.

And as you might anticipate, the heavier model receives a stronger push. The Nexon EV, for example, has seen a price increase of up to Rs 45,000, while the Nexon EV Max has seen a price increase of up to Rs 60,000. Comparatively speaking, the Tata Tigor EV’s price increase of just Rs 25,000 is still quite negligible.

Depending on the model you choose the new prices for some of these vary. Here is a list of all the cars, along with a description of each one’s variant and the price increase that each will now demand from customers.

Tata Nexon EV New Price July 2022:

Tata has been able to justify the price increase on its best-selling electric vehicle, the Nexon EV, to a large extent thanks to a new variant that the company is now selling the electric vehicle as. The electric SUV now goes by the name Tata Nexon EV Prime, and it comes with an expanded feature set, many of which were previously available on the Nexon EV Max.

In light of this, the following is a comprehensive price list of the new Nexon EV Prime in India, in comparison to that of the model that is being phased out.

Variant Old Price New Price Price Hike
XM Rs 14.54 lakh Rs 14.99 lakh Rs 45,000
XZ+ Rs 15.95 lakh Rs 16.30 lakh Rs 35,000
XZ+ LUX Rs 16.95 lakh Rs 17.30 lakh Rs 35,000
XZ+ Dark Rs 16.29 lakh Rs 16.49 lakh Rs 20,000
XZ+ LUX Dark Rs 17.15 lakh Rs 17.50 lakh Rs 35,000

Tata Tigor EV New Price July 2022:

In India, consumers looking for an affordable battery-electric vehicle can purchase a Tata Tigor EV from the company. When compared to the previous prices, the cost of purchasing any of the four distinct models of the electric vehicle (EV) will now be increased by a total of Rs 25,000. Take a look at all of these in the following example.

Variant Old Price New Price Price Hike
XE Rs 12.24 lakh Rs 12.49 lakh Rs 25,000
XM Rs 12.74 lakh Rs 12.99 lakh Rs 25,000
XZ+ Rs 13.24 lakh Rs 13.49 lakh Rs 25,000
XZ+ DT Rs 13.39 lakh Rs 13.64 lakh Rs 25,000

Tata Nexon EV Max New Price July 2022:

Recently introduced, the Nexon EV Max is an option for consumers who want a longer range from their Nexon EV, albeit at a price that is slightly higher than the standard model. There are a total of four distinct models of the electric vehicle, and each one will now be 60,000 rupees more expensive than it was in the past. Take a look at the following to get an idea of where the prices of the EV currently stand.

Variant Old Price New Price Price Hike
XZ+ Rs 17.74 lakh Rs 18.34 lakh Rs 60,000
XZ+ (Fast Charger) Rs 18.24 lakh Rs 18.84 lakh Rs 60,000
XZ+ LUX Rs 18.74 lakh Rs 19.34 lakh Rs 60,000
XZ+ LUX (Fast Charger) Rs 19.24 lakh Rs 19.84 lakh Rs 60,000



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