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According to the Telegram Beta Channel, Telegram has introduced exclusive stickers and reactions as part of the iOS beta version 8.7.2. This will be the first mention of Telegram Premium.

Telegram Premium

According to Android Police, these exclusive stickers and reactions will not be fully visible to free users and will be hidden behind a banner that invites users to “unlock additional reactions and premium stickers.” Anyone interested in using these features will need to subscribe to a premium membership. Speaking of which, last year, Telegram began testing sponsored messages through public channels with over 1000 subscribers.

Telegram Premium Stickers
Image Credit: Android Police

According to the findings, Telegram Premium will first be readily accessible for iOS users and will, sooner or later, be available for Android users as well. Having said that, we still don’t know when this premium offering with extra features will be available to the general public.

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By Tamil G