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Telegram, one of the most popular messaging apps on the planet, has received a major update that began rolling out over the weekend. It includes new tools for creating notification tones from any sound, temporary notification muting options, an auto-delete menu, more animated emoji, new animations, and much more.

Telegram users can now create custom notification alerts from any sound, including memes, thanks to the latest update. Users also have more options for muting notifications for a specific period of time.

Auto-Delete is now available in any chat, and Profiles now have a new menu. More animated food emojis, as well as new animations, have been added, and Android smartphone users can now take advantage of improved Picture-in-Picture functionality.

Telegram chats now have the power of web apps thanks to bots.

Telegram bots are getting a lot smarter, and the latest update has made them even smarter. With JavaScript, bot developers can create more flexible interfaces, effectively eliminating the need for websites.

The Telegram app has received yet another major feature update.

To demonstrate the power of these improved bot developer tools, Telegram has launched a fictional fast-food bot. To test these new features and others, you can place a fictitious order at Durger King using the Telegram app.

If you want to stay up to date on every new feature, change, and add to the messaging platform, check out the official blog post for the latest Telegram update, and feel free to join the official SamMobile Telegram group using the links below.

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