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Top Parental Control Apps to safeguard your Kids!

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Highlight: This post contains some top parental control apps with short descriptions about them.

Parents should be concerned about the impact that smartphones can have on their children despite the fact that smartphones make our life easier and more productive. Considering that most people today use their cellphones to browse the web and the internet, it’s important to keep an eye on what your children are doing on the internet.

Note that the internet is a place with both good and terrible aspects. It’s important to be concerned about your child’s safety on a smartphone as a parent. It is possible for parents to monitor and regulate their children’s actions with parental control apps. You’ll find many parental control apps in the Google Play Store, which give parents a great deal of control over their children’s smart gadgets.

So here we are to list some top Parental Control Apps available on stores with a glimpse about them!

Top Parental Control Apps:

  • Norton Family Parental Control
  • FamilyTime
  • SecureTeen Parental Control
  • Kaspersky SafeKids
  • Google Family Link

Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family Parental Control

First on our list is the Norton Family Parental Control application. It helps you by keeping your kids safer online requires more than managing screen time. Additionally, it helps you supervise and manage your kids’ online activities.

This app provides some cool features like blocking unsuitable sites while your kids are surfing the Internet, letting you see what websites they’re visiting, searching for, and apps they download. Surely this app is worth checking for the number of handy features it provides.



FamilyTime is a reliable parental control application that allows parents to remotely monitor and manage their children’s smartphone devices. Screen time limitations, website filtering, games and app blocking, porn blocking, location tracking, suspicious call tracking, and many other functions are available.

A noteworthy feature of this app is ‘SafeSearch and Internet Filters’ which protects your kid’s searches online. You can also select a web filter to block websites like porn, dating, gambling, and much more. With a single press of their phone, your children may send out an SOS alert. You’ll receive an alert with their current GPS location right away. Do check this application!

SecureTeen Parental Control

SecureTeen Parental Control

SecureTeen is a comprehensive parental control tool for mobile devices and tablets. It allays your fears by monitoring and censoring your children’s online activities, keeping track of the apps they download and keeping you up to date on their location, text messages, and phone calls, among other things.

The SecureTeen Parental Control App allows you to limit your child’s screen time so that he has more time for active play and is a healthy youngster. Additionally, it allows you to filter out all of the cheesy and hazardous information so that your impressionable teens may experience all of the benefits of the internet.

Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky SafeKids

To make parenting easier, Kaspersky Safe Kids provides more than ordinary parental controls. It also allows you to locate your children on a map and establish a secure region for them to stay in, as well as monitor their power levels so you don’t lose contact. It comes with both free and premium versions.

The free version itself gives handy features like managing app use, blocking harmful sites, screen limits, and advice from child psychologists.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link

You can quickly define digital rules to guide kids while they learn, play, and explore the internet world with Google Family Link. You can simply check your child’s activity, manage their apps, feed their curiosity, and more with Google Family Link. As a result, Google Family Link is yet another excellent parental controversy.

That’s it for the list guys! These were our choice of apps. If you have something interesting do leave your comment we’ll try to review that. Hope this blog helped you to grow your children in a good manner.

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