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What is Twitter Circle? a closer look at this new feature!

twitter circle explained

Tweets can now be sent to a select group of people on Twitter, rather than to everyone. On Tuesday, May 3, Twitter launched a new tool called Twitter Circle, which is currently only available to a small number of users throughout the world for testing purposes. First-time users of the service will have the ability to post Tweets to a maximum of 150 followers, which is similar to Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ feature via the Stories function.

Twitter Circle Explained

As explained in a blog post by Twitter Twitter Circle will appear as a pop-up for those who are selected for the trial phase. Users can add people to their circles by selecting them from a list that displays when the prompt is displayed. The list is a new way for the social media company to test how engaged users are with the platform by allowing them to select a list of close friends and contacts.

When tweeting, you can choose to include a list of your most trusted followers. Members of your Circle will be the only ones able to read tweets sent to the Circle, and they will be the only ones able to engage with you or the other users in the Circle in any way. The retweet button has been removed from these tweets because they are not public.

According to Twitter, the new function allows users to create “protected tweets.” A protected account allows users to limit access to their posts to people who follow them, therefore limiting their audience to those who have already accepted their invitation. Circle, on the other hand, allows users to curate individual tweets, allowing them to broaden the scope of their posts.

When a user adds or removes a member from their circle, the user won’t be notified of the change. Instead of being able to make several circles based on different themes, users will be limited to creating a single circle per user. Twitter Communities are in charge of this type of curation, but it has no effect on how widely tweets can be seen.

If the feature is made available to a limited number of users worldwide, Indians may be able to use it as well. Twitter’s desktop, Android, and iOS apps are all participating in the trial.

If you still have many queries about this feature, check this link!

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