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Twitter’s upcoming CoTweet feature will let two accounts to co-author a tweet

A brand-new CoTweets feature that enables two accounts to jointly write a tweet and tag both authors has begun to be tested by Twitter. For a brief period of time, this feature appears to be available to some users in the US, Canada, and Korea. Because Twitter’s embed feature hasn’t been updated to support CoTweets, you must go directly to the Twitter website or app to view the co-authored tweet. Since co-author features for brand collaborations have been available on Instagram since last year, we can only assume that influencers and brands will collaborate to use this feature on Twitter.

The primary tweet author can use this feature to tag a second person in the tweet and have a DM conversation about the content. The co-authored tweet must receive approval from the second account before it appears on the platform. The comments, however, seem to be made only in reference to the tweet’s primary author.

Twitter CoTweet – All You need to know!

A CoTweet is a co-authored Tweet that is posted to both authors’ profiles and their followers’ timelines at the same time. A CoTweet is identified by the presence of two authors’ profile pictures and usernames in the header. CoTweets enable authors to share the spotlight, discover new ways to engage new audiences, and strengthen existing partnerships.

How to use CoTweet Feature?

The first step when two authors decide to CoTweet is to finalize the content they want to share. To collaborate, we recommend using Direct Messages. Once the messaging is complete, one author creates the CoTweet and sends an invitation to the co-author. When the co-author accepts the CoTweet invitation, the CoTweet is immediately posted to each author’s profile and the timelines of both of their followers.

How do you compose a CoTweet?

Activate the Tweet composer. Tap the CoTweet icon after adding the co-authored messaging. Tap Send invite after selecting a co-author from your follower list.

Please keep in mind that CoTweet content cannot be edited or adjusted once a CoTweet invitation has been sent. If you need to change the content of a CoTweet after sending an invite, you can delete it and start over.

If you still have questions, you could read Twitter’s FAQ Post here!


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