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Vi expands its networks to meet the soaring demand for data in the country.

Vi, one of India’s leading telecom operators, has significantly increased network capacity in order to fulfill the expanding data requirements of Digital India. The data capacity of the company’s network has increased by more than two and a half times since September 2018, thanks to the ongoing efforts of the company’s network investment initiatives.

Vi expands its networks to meet the soaring demand for data in the country.

Vi has improved the quality of the network experience they provide to customers by upgrading their 3G spectrum to 4G, which has enabled them to expand their network capacity. The improvement of customer experience and the enhancement of indoor coverage are both the results of coverage expansion in the sub-GHz band.

Over the course of the past year, numerous international and Indian network testing agencies have on multiple occasions given Vi’s improved network performance their stamp of approval. Users are able to work, study, socialize, access entertainment, ecommerce, and other digital services because Vi continues to deliver the fastest 4G download and upload speeds on its pan-India 4G network.

According to the data from the “MyCall” app provided by the TRAI for 17 out of the 20 months between November 2020 and June 2022, it was ranked as having the highest quality voice calls anywhere in the country.

“Vi has consistently been ranked as the best data and voice quality network by various third-party testing agencies.” This is validation of the efforts that our network engineers have made, as well as the technological interventions that we have implemented.

to provide an exceptional customer experience to our users, particularly in this hybrid work environment. We have expanded the population that is covered by our 4G network, significantly increased our capacity, and implemented a number of different initiatives to improve the indoor 4G coverage in a number of different markets across the country. Vi is still dedicated to providing its customers with world-class digital experiences in order to help them “stay ahead in life, thrive, and build a better tomorrow.”

When asked about the performance of the network, the chief technology officer of vodafone idea limited, Jagbir Singh, made the above statement:

Vi is a 5G ready network, and it has just recently acquired mid band 5G spectrum (3300 MHz band) in 17 priority circles and mmWave 5G spectrum (26 GHz band) in 16 circles. This will allow it to provide a superior 5G experience to Vi customers, as well as to strengthen enterprise offerings and provide new opportunities for business growth in the emerging 5G era.

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