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What is Clubhouse? Here is why this app is trending!

In the past few days, you would have come across the word ‘Clubhouse’ on Twitter (a lot) and other social media. In general, Clubhouse is an IOS exclusive (as of now) application. So it made me curious to know about this application and let’s find out what’s the use of it and why it’s trending.

What is Clubhouse App?

During the coronavirus pandemic, Clubhouse, the invitation-only audio chat app, exploded in popularity when individuals could not get together in person. This application was founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth and was launched on March,2020 and it’s launched for IOS only.

You can initiate or listen to discussions in digital “rooms” once you are invited to participate, ranging from a big talk by someone popular to a chat within a small community.

Basically it is kind of podcast application but it has different strategy to attract people.

In order to be invited to join Clubhouse, an existing Clubhouse user must send an invitation from their app, which adds to the “club” exclusivity.

Credit: Insider

Another important thing is the voice chats will not be recorded for later purposes. The core concept of this app is FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out ), if you’re not online then you might miss conversations you love.

Why this app got attention?

Last week on this app, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke about future technology. Elon Musk CEO,SpaceX and Tesla appeared late last month at Clubhouse to discuss GameStop trade frenzy. The appearances of these popular people made it talk a lot on social media.

In reality, the New York Times reported that Facebook is now developing its own version of this chat-app.

Will It Come For Android?

Yes. This popular chat app might soon come for Android, which has quite a lot user base. According to The Details, Clubhouse is worth approximately $1 billion, with over 180 investors supporting a new round of fundraising. So the probability of coming to Android is higher.

I hope i covered the basic things regarding this application.

Have a nice day!


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