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WhatsApp India banned 19 lakh accounts in May! Here’s Why

According to the most recent monthly report made available by the messaging service, WhatsApp banned over 19 lakh Indian accounts in May as a result of complaints received from users via its channel for complaints and through its own system to prevent and detect violations.

This report from WhatsApp is a result of the new IT regulations that became effective last year, which suggests that large digital platforms (those with more than 50 lakh users) are required to post compliance reports on a monthly basis that include details on complaints received and actions taken. Hence, the popular messaging app has been filing report every month.

19 Lakh WhatsApp accounts banned in May 2022!

19.10 lakh Indian accounts were banned by WhatsApp between May 1 and May 31, 2022, according to the report published on July 1; this was done using the “abuse detection approach, which also includes action taken in furtherance to negative feedback received from users.”

528 grievance complaints were received in May 2022, and 24 accounts were “actioned.” The total number of reports received included 303 related to “ban appeal,” with the remaining reports falling into different categories like account support, product support, and safety.

The spokesperson to mint publication claims that the user-safety report details both user complaints and WhatsApp’s responses to them as well as WhatsApp’s own proactive steps to address platform abuse. The account is identified as being in India by the prefix 91 on the phone number.

The government is currently finalizing new social media regulations to give users a grievance appeal process in opposition to the arbitrary content moderation, inaction, or takedown decisions made by major internet corporations. This seems a welcome move from WhatsApp.

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