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WhatsApp now has a native Windows app; MacOS version is still in beta but expected to launch soon.

Users of WhatsApp are able to link a desktop computer to their account, allowing them to continue to make and receive calls as well as send messages even when their smartphone is not in close proximity. This can be accomplished by using WhatsApp Web in a browser or a desktop app for WhatsApp that is web-based.

WhatsApp releases a new Native windows app. macOS version coming soon

WhatsApp is going to release a native Windows app, which will no longer use the web-based backend it previously had and will instead be updated to run natively on Windows computers. Even though the app won’t really look any different on the surface, the native app will run better, use fewer resources, and should launch significantly quicker than it did before. These applications will also enable you to continue participating in chats using a keyboard even when your phone is not connected to the internet.

The biggest change is that you no longer need to keep your phone online to sync messages between your phone and the desktop app.

Although the native MacOS app for WhatsApp is not yet available for download, it is on the company’s roadmap for future release. The app for MacOS is currently being tested in a closed beta, and when it is released, it will be a “Universal app” for MacOS. This means that it will be modeled after the version of the WhatsApp app that is available for iPhone, and it will run natively on Apple silicon laptops. According to 9to5Mac’s findings, the early beta version of the new WhatsApp desktop app is noticeably quicker than the previously available version.

It does not matter which operating system you use to access the new WhatsApp desktop app; you will still be required to connect it to a smartphone account that is associated with a phone number. Once you have linked your devices, you will be able to send and receive messages as well as make WhatsApp calls that are encrypted end-to-end once you have linked your devices. You are permitted to use up to four linked devices even if your phone is not online; however, linked devices will be automatically logged out after 14 days if your phone has not been used.

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