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Windows 11 Unveils New Upgrades: Force Quit Option, Windows Copilot, and More

An image showcasing the Windows 11 logo with icons representing the force quit option, Windows Copilot, and taskbar improvements.
Credit Image: Microsoft

The Microsoft Build 2023 event showcased an array of upgrades and features that are set to enhance the Windows 11 experience. Among these notable additions are Windows Copilot, an AI-powered virtual assistant, and native support for the RAR file compression format.

Credit Image: Microsoft

Additionally, Microsoft is introducing a long-awaited force quit option, further streamlining app management for Windows 11 users.

The force quit option will be integrated into the Windows 11 taskbar, allowing users to effortlessly close crashed or buggy applications without the need to open the Task Manager. This convenient feature eliminates the multiple steps typically required to force quit an application, providing a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

How users can force quit Windows apps

To force quit apps in current versions of Windows, users must press Ctrl + Alt + Delete simultaneously, select Task Manager, choose the desired application, and click “End Task” to close it.

  • The forthcoming force quit option in Windows 11 simplifies this process, resembling the functionality already present in macOS.
  • On a Mac, users can quit an app normally by selecting “Quit” from the app’s menu or using the Command-Q shortcut.
  • In situations where an app doesn’t respond, users may press Option, Command, and Esc together to access the Force Quit option from the Apple menu.

The force quit feature was initially observed in early test versions of Windows 11 and has now been confirmed by Microsoft at the Build developers conference. The company aims to introduce this functionality soon, further empowering users to efficiently manage their applications.

It’s worth noting that Windows Copilot, another exciting addition to Windows 11, can also be accessed through a shortcut on the taskbar. By clicking the Copilot icon, users can open a sidebar where they can interact with the AI assistant using conversational-style commands to perform various tasks.

Other Windows 11 Features

In addition to these features, Microsoft has also released a new Windows 11 test build, which includes the never combine mode for the taskbar. This mode allows users to view each individual app window on the taskbar with accompanying labels, enhancing organization and ease of use.

Furthermore, the upcoming Windows 11 updates will introduce backup and restore features for PCs. These features will simplify the process of transferring apps, settings, passwords, and Wi-Fi network credentials to a new PC, providing a seamless transition for users.


All of these exciting new features, including the force quit option, Windows Copilot, taskbar enhancements, and backup and restore features, are expected to be rolled out to all Windows 11 users in the coming months. Microsoft is actively working to bring these enhancements to the Windows 11 ecosystem, ensuring that users can enjoy an improved and more efficient computing experience.


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