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WhatsApp: You won’t miss any Group Call with a new update!

When a group member started a call on WhatsApp before, additional members of the group could only join if WhatsApp remained ringing. Users had no option of joining the ongoing call once the ringing stopped. To fix this problem WhatsApp is bringing a new concept that will allow users to join ongoing calls and also rejoin ongoing calls if they shortly leave. Starting today, all WhatsApp users will receive the update.

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Join Ongoing WhatsApp calls instantly:

When the new update is released, all live calls will appear on the ‘Calls’ page until they are terminated, and group members will be able to join the call at any moment. Missing out on a group video call with your friends and family will not exist anymore. Users can see who is on the call and who has been invited but has not yet joined the call when they join the call.

“we’re introducing the ability to join a group call, even after it’s started. Joinable calls reduce the burden of answering a group call as it starts, and brings the spontaneity and ease of in-person conversations to group calling on WhatsApp. We’ve also created a call info screen so you can see who is already on the call, and who has been invited but not yet joined. And, if you hit ‘ignore’ you can join later from the calls tab in WhatsApp.” – WhatsApp on its blogpost.


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