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YouTube adds three features to reduce spam, impersonators

YouTube adds three features to reduce spam, impersonators
Image Credit : The Verge

YouTube is trying to cut down on comment spam and people pretending to be someone else by adding new features. YouTube said that as of July 29, 2022, channels won’t be able to lie about how many subscribers they have. The company says that this will make it harder for fake creators to pose as other creators on the platform. YouTube has also added a new way to moderate comments, making the site even more strict. Also, it limits the types and numbers of certain characters that can be used in a channel’s name.

In a professional community post, YouTube announced three new ways to deal with spam comments and fake accounts. YouTube will no longer let channels hide how many subscribers they have. This will make it harder for people to pretend to be popular YouTube creators. As of July 29, 2022, customers will no longer have to plan to hide the number of subscribers on their channel.

YouTube said, “We’ve seen bad actors hide the number of subscribers on their channels so they can pretend to be bigger, more popular channels on YouTube. They pretend to be other creators in comments, then lure people to their fake channel page.” The platform also mentioned that some creators like to hide the number of subscribers they have when building an audience. YouTube said, “We made this decision to make our community safer as a whole, but we know that not all creators who use this option are bad actors.”

The video-sharing site has also improved the way authors can moderate comments in YouTube Studio. Creators will be able to use the improved moderation environment to make the Held for Review tab even stricter. It has been added as an optional feature that can filter out more spam and reports of identity abuse.

In the past, impersonators could change their names by adding certain characters to their YouTube channel name. This gave them names that were similar to those of other well-known creators. So, YouTube is reducing the number of characters that can be used in a channel name. The corporate mentioned that the replace won’t let impersonators replace their channel title to one thing like “¥ouⓉube✅”.

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