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YouTube discontinued its 4K video experiment for premium subscribers only: Full details


YouTube has been experimenting with the idea of making 4K resolution available only to YouTube Premium subscribers. The company has now ended the experiment.

YouTube 4K video streaming will remain free for everyone

Earlier this month, we reported that some Reddit YouTube users discovered the word “premium” next to the 4K option on YouTube videos. These people turned out to be part of a small experiment group where YouTube was testing the idea of locking resolutions of 4K and higher behind its premium service. This act would add a new exclusive feature to YouTube Premium, potentially enticing more users to subscribe. We’ve previously discussed YouTube’s aggressive premium subscriber push. At the same time, it would remove a feature from free users who have had access to it since it was first implemented in 2010.

But, thankfully, it appears that YouTube has abandoned its plan. The company’s experiment has come to an end, according to a tweet from the official TeamYouTube account on Twitter. There doesn’t seem to be a reason why YouTube stopped the test, but the company says that all users, whether they pay for YouTube Premium or not, should be able to use the 4K option again.

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