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YouTube introduces “Name Handle” to make creator tagging easier: Here’s all you need to know


YouTube has added a new feature for its creators, but even regular users can use it to identify their channels or themselves in a new way. This new feature allows each user to have their own name handle on the platform.

Recently, Netflix introduced the same feature, which was previously only available to gamers on their platform and is now available on YouTube, but it will work across the board and for everyone.

Get your YouTube handle now!

  • Handles are a new unique identifier (example @youtubecreators) & ALL YouTube channels will have one.
  • Your unique @handle will help people find & interact with you & your YouTube channel.
  • And because handles are unique (unlike channel names), it’s easy to confirm if you’re engaging with the right person or not!
  • Your handle will also work as a unique channel URL (example: youtube.com/@youtubecreators).
  • Previously only creators with 100+ subs were eligible for a custom URL – but with this update, all channels will have a unique URL based on their handle!
  • In the coming months, people will be able to use your handle across YouTube in comments, mentions, in Shorts & more.

We are all aware that the “@name handle” system is mostly available on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, which makes it easier to tag someone and provides a unique name ID. YouTube Shorts, which are similar to Instagram Reels and TikTok, have grown significantly in the last few years.

If you’ve tried to tag another creator or user in the comment section or the Shorts description, it’s not as easy as it is on the other platform, but it will be because YouTube has also added the same @-handles. As previously stated, these new handles will work across the platform, including YouTube Shorts and channels. Also, if someone chooses @name handles, no one else will.

That is why you must prepare to grab your favourite handle before someone else does. The creator will be notified in their Creator Studio via notification or email. This handle will appear on the front page of the creator’s YouTube channel as well as in the channel URL. If the channel owner does not choose a handle before November 14th, YouTube will assign a handle based on their channel name, which you can change later.


Over the next few weeks, the YouTube handles update will be rolled out gradually to all channels. Your handle will begin to appear in a few places across YouTube (and more over time) once it has been rolled out to all channels, including the Shorts player, search results, your channel page, within comments and mentions, and more.

You can also check the official FAQ for more information. However, this feature will also aid YouTube’s future plan for watermarking shorts.

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