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YouTube is now rolling out Live Q&A feature for interactive live streams


Google announced a new feature today that will make your live Q&A on YouTube even more interactive. Previously, YouTube began rolling out the Shorts Player for smart TVs.

YouTube New Feature: live Q&A

Another way for creators and viewers to interact in real time is through live Q&A. This feature is available during live streams and premieres. You can improve the Live Chat Q&A experience even more as a creator by moderating it.

  • Live Q&A lets you set up and run live chat Q&A sessions during your streams and premieres (LCR) right from the Live Control Room.
  • With live Q&A, it’s easier to build a community if you answer a number of related questions from your viewers.
  • This option will appear alongside Live Polls, another great way to communicate with those watching your live stream.

How the live Q&A will work:

  • How do I moderate questions? Because live Q&A questions are monitored by the same systems as live chat, blocking words, holding for review, and reporting messages are all valid options.
  • Can moderators be assigned to help manage my live Q&A? Moderators cannot control live Q&A questions, but users with Manager or Editor channel rights can. This includes accessing the question list, choosing which questions to answer, and so on.
  • How the questions are sorted: The questions that are submitted first are prioritised (in chronological order). The oldest questions will be removed after 200.


  • Mobile users cannot access live Q&A or polls.
  • The details of live Q&As are not available in YouTube Analytics. Viewers are limited to one question per minute.

To begin a live Q&A:

  • Plan or begin a live stream or premiere.
  • Click at the bottom of the chat window, then select “Start a Q&A.
  • “Insert the prompt, then click “Begin Q&A.
  • “After a Q&A session begins, the Questions List will appear in the chat window.
  • To end your live Q&A, click “End Q&A” from the prompt banner at the top of the chat.

When introducing the feature, Jensen of TeamYouTube and YouTube Community Manager stated:

Today we’re introducing a new feature that’s going to make your live streams even more interactive – Live Q&A! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about Live Q&A will work in the comments below! We’re excited to see you engage with your viewers using this feature!

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