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YouTube TV now rolling out revamped Library, Live tabs


The latest redesigns for YouTube TV’s Live and Library sections are now available. This redesign will allow users to manage their content and make your library feel less cluttered by improving content filtering and organisational tools.

YouTube TV brings redesigned Live, Library sections

The team’s primary goal, according to Esther Ahn, Head of Design for YouTube TV and Primetime Channels, was to improve the Live and Library sections, which are the most popular among YouTube TV viewers. As a result, the company has made several changes to the Live and Library sections in order to improve page organisation for users.

YouTube TV has added a new, highlighted state for the Live section at the top of the live guide, allowing users to double-check that they are watching the correct program. Furthermore, the live guide has been compressed to allow users to absorb more information at a glance.

In addition, the firm has added a visual hierarchy to the Library section so that viewers can easily navigate through all of the new content.

The Live Guide and Library side panels have been designed to make the TV experience faster and more efficient. This gives you shortcuts like “Add to Library” and “Set Reminder.”

Furthermore, YouTube TV has decluttered the navigation by introducing filters and added a “Catch up on your favourites” shelf to assist users in finding the most recent and relevant content for them.

Users should be able to see this redesign in the coming months. Meanwhile, library updates will begin today and will continue for several months.

Esther Ahn, Head of Design for YouTube TV and Primetime Channels, commented on the redesign, saying,

These changes reflect our larger mission to deliver a delightful, easy to use, and modern TV experience. Rather than focusing on a single major launch, we are working towards integrating our principles across key surfaces (Live, Library) and honing in on our critical user journeys (Collecting, Browsing, Watching). YouTube TV aims to deliver intuitive and fresh updates to our overall experience with minimal disruption to our viewers.

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