OnePlus Addresses AMOLED Green Line Issue with Lifetime Screen Warranty in India

OnePlus Introduces Lifetime Screen Warranty and Upgrade Discounts for AMOLED Green Line Issue"

OnePlus AMOLED Green Line Issue – Over the past year, a growing chorus of discontent has arisen among AMOLED smartphone users due to the persistence of perplexing permanent green lines on their device screens. This concerning phenomenon has, in our investigative efforts, revealed itself as an affliction affecting older AMOLED smartphones across a wide spectrum of manufacturers, price ranges, and operating systems. As a concerted effort to combat this escalating issue, OnePlus, a prominent smartphone manufacturer, has emerged with a proactive strategy for its Indian customer base, ushering in a lifetime screen warranty for its afflicted devices, and a possibility of an upgrade discount for select users.

Life Made Easier with OnePlus’ Lifetime Screen Warranty

OnePlus has responded resolutely to the growing grievances of its users. In a candid conversation with Android Authority, a OnePlus spokesperson unveiled a groundbreaking initiative: a “lifetime screen warranty on all affected devices.” It’s important to clarify that, at present, this policy extends exclusively to OnePlus customers in India. The company’s official statement, delivered with a touch of humility and responsibility, reads as follows:

“We recognize the considerable inconvenience our customers have faced due to this issue, and we extend our sincere apologies for it. Remaining true to our unwavering commitment to our users, we encourage them to pay a visit to the nearest OnePlus service center for meticulous device assessment. In cases where the green line situation is detected, we pledge to provide a complimentary screen replacement. Moreover, for select OnePlus 8 and 9 Series devices, we’re introducing a voucher, bearing a significant portion of the device’s value, to facilitate an upgrade to a new OnePlus device. Reflecting the current circumstances, we are excited to announce the introduction of a lifetime screen warranty for all devices grappling with this issue. We wholeheartedly appreciate your unwavering understanding and support.”

Importantly, it’s imperative to underscore that the “lifetime screen warranty” extends to any OnePlus device contending with the green line issue in India, encompassing a broad spectrum of devices rather than a cherry-picked few.

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The Path to Upgrades: Discount Bonanza for Select Devices

As per these announcements, OnePlus has extended an attractive discount voucher to users owning OnePlus 8 Pro, 8T, 9, and 9R devices displaying the green line anomaly. It’s worth noting that, presently, this privilege is confined to OnePlus users in India. Furthermore, the availability of spare parts at specific locations does influence the application of these discounts, as some stores might still extend screen replacement services.

Crucially, replacement devices are to be procured solely through the official OnePlus India website and not through alternative online or offline retailers. Additionally, a particularly enticing incentive is aligned with the India-exclusive OnePlus 10R, as OnePlus is offering an added discount. It’s pertinent to mention that all discount values are quoted in Indian Rupees.

Nurturing Optimism Amidst Screen Woes

This development from OnePlus unfolds as a beacon of hope for users grappling with the obstinate green line issue. The announcement of a lifetime screen warranty coupled with the prospect of device replacements in specific regions signifies a collective sigh of relief for Indian OnePlus users.

Curiously, the announcement doesn’t stipulate any usage prerequisites for the affected phone. In instances involving older devices that might not fetch a lucrative resale value due to less-than-optimal handling, an upgrade could indeed be a judicious decision. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that certain OnePlus devices haven’t been covered by the upgrade offer. Notably absent are the likes of OnePlus 8, 9 Pro, and the comprehensive OnePlus 10 and 11 series. This could imply either a lesser impact of the green line anomaly on these devices or the presence of adequate spare parts in the company’s inventory to fulfill screen replacement obligations.



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