Optiemus Infracom and Corning Forge Path for “Make in India” Electronics

Optiemus Infracom and Corning Forge Path for "Make in India" Electronics

In a landmark development for India’s burgeoning electronics manufacturing sector, Optiemus Infracom Limited, a stalwart in the country’s telecommunications and manufacturing arenas, has joined forces with Corning International Corporation, a global leader in glass and glass-ceramic materials for mobile consumer electronics applications. Together, they announced a groundbreaking joint venture aimed at establishing India’s maiden manufacturing facility dedicated to producing top-tier finished cover glass components for the mobile consumer electronics industry.

Pioneering Innovation in Partnership

The strategic alliance between Optiemus Infracom and Corning epitomizes a shared commitment to innovation and technological excellence. At its core, this venture seeks to augment India’s electronics manufacturing ecosystem, aligning seamlessly with the Indian government’s ambitious Make in India initiative.

As a pivotal facet of this collaboration, the two companies are primed to create a world-class manufacturing hub within India, infused with cutting-edge technologies and best practices. This concerted effort will pave the way for the production of “Made in India” finished cover glass components designed for deployment in a spectrum of mobile consumer electronic devices, as well as other cover glass applications, catering to the demands of the next-generation electronics landscape.

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A Synergistic Union of Expertise

The Optiemus-Corning joint venture symbolizes a potent synergy, where Optiemus’ deep-rooted domestic industry expertise in electronics and telecommunications harmonizes with Corning’s globally acclaimed proficiency in advanced glass technology. This amalgamation is poised to achieve two significant milestones: the establishment of robust cover glass manufacturing capabilities and capacity in India and a substantial contribution to job creation and skill development within India’s thriving technology sector.

A Visionary Statement

Commenting on this momentous venture, Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta, Chairman of Optiemus Infracom Limited, expressed his pride in actively contributing to India’s burgeoning manufacturing landscape. He underscored the alignment of this joint venture with the vision of India’s Honorable Prime Minister, encapsulated in the ‘Make in India’ program and the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” initiative. Mr. Gupta affirmed the commitment to deliver world-class, high-quality products catering to both global and local brands. He added, “Embarking on this new journey, we intend to emerge as one of the top manufacturers of finished cover glass parts for use in mobile consumer electronic devices in the next five years. Our collective expertise in innovation, design, and manufacturing will provide holistic solutions for the brands.”

As the Optiemus-Corning alliance takes its first steps towards reshaping India’s electronics manufacturing landscape, it marks a resounding vote of confidence in India’s capabilities and its potential to emerge as a global hub for cutting-edge electronics production. This joint venture not only propels the “Make in India” agenda forward but also underscores the country’s commitment to self-reliance and innovation on the global stage.


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