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HUAWEI Scale 3 Review: A Perfect Fitness Tracker

HUAWEI Scale 3

Huawei Scale 3, an updated version of the Huawei smart body fat scale. What exactly does the latest smart scale 3 pack have to offer? It includes HUAWEI TruFitTM, which was co-developed by Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Huawei. It has more than ten body indicators, as well as wifi, Bluetooth, and other features. 

Design & Build Quality

The Huawei Scale 3 has a design that is typical of devices in this category. A 5 mm thick tempered glass plate with a white lining on top.The Huawei logo is centered, surrounded by four round stainless steel platforms beneath the glass.I’ll tell you about their practical intent in a moment.and on the top, there is an LED display.

On the back, four gray plastic feet with a non-slip rubber base are located in the corners.. The sliding hatch conceals AAA batteries and a reset button above. Also, note that batteries are not included. On the bottom of the scales is a sticker with various details and a QR code for installing the new version of Huawei Health – This is essential for the scales to bind to your smartphone correctly. So, let’s move on to the next level.

Connection & Configuration

First, you have to download the Huawei health app from the Huawei AppGallery or the Huawei website. The app is available in Playstore but may not be the latest version. Here’s where the QR code from the package or the scales’ sticker comes in handy. Everything else is straightforward.

Go to the Devices tab and click the Add enable Bluetooth and location, then, go to the categories – smart scales, find HUAWEI Scale 3 in the list, stand on the scales on two feet, and link the scale to your Huawei Health account according to the screen’s instructions. Link the scale to your home Wi-Fi network after it has been set up to sync data with the Huawei cloud and install updates more quickly. Use the network section of the Wi-Fi system to accomplish this. The network password will be allowed to be entered. The only available frequency is 2.4 GHz.

Using Huawei Scale 3

The scale is simple to use. In order to get a quick measurement, you must stand on two metal scales. This is the sensor on the scale that detects your heart rate through the pads. Avoid moving until the measurement is over. First, the scale will show your current weight, then your body fat percentage, and finally your heart rate.

If you want the data to be stored in your account, you need to open the Huawei Health app, tap on the “Measure” on the toolbar, then step on the scale. It’s over.

Detailed results are provided within the app An extensive range of body composition information is provided: weight index, body density, bone mineral density, and many other important facts about the body are available. Additionally, it will tell you how much you need to lose to get to your ideal weight, how many calories daily to maintain your current weight, and a bit more. There is a wealth of data, and everything is supported by documented theories.


The HUAWEI Scale 3 is a valuable data source for the Health app if you want. If your smartphone and fitness wrist-mounted trackers do track your activity and exercise, then the scale will allow you to set an important overall weight goal  Additionally, detailed information is available, which yields interesting results. Of course, you can enter your own data; however, only a tiny percentage of customers will bother doing so. I found this useful at home, and so you might too. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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