Samsung Launches Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV in India, Packed with Smart Features for Connected Living

Samsung has unveiled its latest addition to the Crystal UHD TV line-up in India – the Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV. With a focus on empowering users to control their personal information, privacy, and online safety, this flagship smart TV comes loaded with innovative features for a truly connected living experience.

Samsung Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV Features

The Samsung Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV aims to cater to the demands of modern Indian consumers for a seamless everyday life. It introduces a built-in Multi Voice Assistant, allowing users to view content with ease and experience a connected home by choosing between Bixby or Amazon Alexa. Moreover, the TV supports Video Calling with the SlimFit Cam, enabling video calls on the big screen for both personal and work meetings.

Captivating Picture and Sound Quality

The TV delivers captivating picture and sound quality with its One Billion True Colours technology powered by PurColor and Crystal Processor 4K. PurColor enhances the lifelike experience of content with one billion shades of rich and vibrant colors, while the intelligent Crystal Processor 4K upscales lower-resolution pictures to superior 4K levels.

HDR and Immersive Viewing Experience

The Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV features HDR (High Dynamic Range) to provide better contrast with rich darks and bright lights. It allows for a massive spectrum of colors and all visual details even in the darkest scenes. The 3-Side Bezel-less Design further enhances the immersive viewing experience.

IoT Hub, Calm Onboarding, and IoT Light Sensors

To facilitate a connected home, the TV comes with a built-in IoT Hub with Calm Onboarding and IoT Light Sensors. Calm Onboarding effortlessly syncs all smart devices, including third-party appliances, for smoother control. The light sensor detects changes in illuminance on seven levels and automatically adjusts brightness for optimal viewing.

Price and Availability

The Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV will be available in 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch screen sizes, with prices starting from INR 33,990. Consumers can purchase the TV online on Flipkart and Samsung Shop from August 4, 2023. Additionally, customers can enjoy up to INR 3000 cashback and a 12-month no-cost EMI from leading banks.

While buying a television, modern Indian consumers look for immaculate picture and sound quality, immersive gaming experience, and advanced features that facilitate easy connected living. Our new Crystal Vision 4K UHD TV perfectly ticks all these boxes and comes with additional features such as Multi Voice Assistant and Video Calling to enhance the user experience.

said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung India.


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