Sennheiser Unveils Ambeo Soundbar Plus & Ambeo Sub in India

Sennheiser Unveils Ambeo Soundbar Plus & Ambeo Sub in India

Sennheiser has taken the Indian audio scene by storm with the launch of its latest offerings, the Ambeo Soundbar Plus and the Ambeo Sub. Debuting in the wake of their initial showcase at the prestigious 2022 IFA event in Berlin, these cutting-edge audio devices are poised to redefine home entertainment.

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Plus: A Power-Packed Marvel

Sennheiser Unveils Ambeo Soundbar Plus & Ambeo Sub in India

With the moniker “Plus,” one might expect a bulkier counterpart; however, the Ambeo Soundbar Plus defies this notion. It emerges as a more compact and budget-friendly alternative to the original Ambeo soundbar, delivering an extraordinary auditory sensation. True to its claim, the soundbar stands tall as the world’s first standalone 7.1.4-channel soundbar, embodying innovation that captivates.

Impeccable Design and Features

Sennheiser Unveils Ambeo Soundbar Plus & Ambeo Sub in India

Crafted with precision, the Ambeo Soundbar Plus accommodates a 7.1.4-channel configuration within its sleek frame. Boasting an impressive 400W sound output, it seamlessly integrates HDMI eARC, HDMI pass-through, Optical Audio (S/PDIF), and Stereo RCA connectivity. This device is not just about sound; it’s a symphony of technology and aesthetics.

Seamless Connectivity and Control

Sennheiser’s commitment to a holistic experience is evident in the Ambeo Soundbar Plus’s support for dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. The immersive audio is elevated by Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats, taking you right into the heart of your content. For those who seek to fine-tune their auditory journey, the Sennheiser Smart Control app offers precise control and customization.

A Universe of Streaming Possibilities

The Ambeo Soundbar Plus further embraces the future of audio entertainment with its compatibility with Apple AirPlay 2, inbuilt Chromecast, and Spotify Connect. Seamlessly stream your favorite tracks, immerse yourself in podcasts, and elevate your gaming experience like never before.

Sennheiser Ambeo Sub: Elevating Bass to New Depths

Sennheiser Unveils Ambeo Soundbar Plus & Ambeo Sub in India

Complementing the Ambeo Soundbar Plus is the optional Ambeo Sub – a wireless subwoofer that promises to unleash the power of bass. Designed to augment the audio journey, the Ambeo Sub beckons enthusiasts who crave an immersive and bass-rich experience.

Unleash the Bass Powerhouse

Sennheiser Unveils Ambeo Soundbar Plus & Ambeo Sub in India

Featuring a robust 350W-rated sound output, the Ambeo Sub can be seamlessly integrated with the Ambeo Soundbar Plus. Controlled through the Sennheiser Smart Control app, users have the reins to fine-tune and customize their auditory adventure, accentuating the lower frequencies for a heightened experience.

Pricing and Availability

In India, audio enthusiasts can now purchase the Ambeo Soundbar Plus and Ambeo Sub from Sennheiser. The Ambeo Soundbar Plus offers an extraordinary auditory experience at a price of Rs. 1,39,990, while the Ambeo Sub, priced at Rs. 69,990, enhances your space with outstanding sound. These devices can be purchased through various platforms, including Sennheiser India’s website, Amazon, and leading electronics stores across the country. Sennheiser has once again demonstrated its audio expertise and innovation with these products, providing a combination of technology, design, and exceptional audio immersion.


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