Sony India Announces Exciting Independence Day Offers on TVs, Cameras, and Audio Products.

Sony India Announces Exciting Independence Day Offers on TVs, Cameras, and Audio Products.

Sony India is celebrating Independence Day with a bang by introducing irresistible Independence Day offers and promotions on a diverse range of products, including televisions, cameras, personal audio, and home audio devices. These exciting deals, complemented by attractive finance schemes like instant cashback and easy EMIs, are sure to entice customers into bringing home their favorite Sony products. The offers will be available from August 4th, 2023, until August 16th, 2023, and can be availed both online and offline through various channels.

Unbeatable Deals on BRAVIA Televisions

Sony India is spoiling customers with a fantastic array of offers on their BRAVIA televisions. Here are the highlights:

  1. Instant Cashback of Up to Rs. 20,000/-: Customers can enjoy instant cashback of up to Rs. 20,000/- on select BRAVIA television models.
  2. 2 Years Comprehensive Warranty: To ensure peace of mind, Sony is offering a comprehensive 2-year warranty on select BRAVIA televisions.
  3. EMI Schemes Starting at Rs. 1,024/-: Sony is making it easier for customers to own their dream television by providing EMI options starting as low as Rs. 1,024/-.
  4. Special Combo Offer with PS5: For a limited time, customers can take advantage of a unique combo offer, saving up to Rs. 24,000/- on BRAVIA XR televisions bundled with a PS5.
  5. BRAVIA CAM at Just Rs. 7,990/-: With the purchase of selected XR range televisions (X80, X82, X90, A90, X95), customers can get the BRAVIA CAM for only Rs. 7,990/-.

Unbelievable Deals on Personal Audio Products

Sony India is also showering its customers with captivating offers on personal audio products, including headphones, truly wireless earbuds, and wireless speakers. Check out the irresistible deals below:

CategoryModelMRPOffer PriceCashback
Wireless Noise Cancellation HeadphonesWH-1000XM4Rs. 29,990/-Rs. 19,990/-
Wireless Noise Cancellation HeadphonesWH1000XM5Rs. 34,990/-Rs. 29,990/-
Wireless Noise Cancellation HeadphonesWH-XB910NRs. 19,990/-Rs. 12,990/-
Wireless Noise Cancellation HeadphonesWH-CH720NRs. 14,990/-Rs. 9,990/-
Truly Wireless EarbudsWF1000XM4Rs. 26,990/-Rs. 15,990/-
Truly Wireless EarbudsWF-LS900NRs. 24,990/-Rs. 12,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 1,000/- cashback
Truly Wireless EarbudsWF-L900Rs. 19,990/-Rs. 9,990/-
Truly Wireless EarbudsWF-C700NRs. 12,990/-Rs. 8,990/-
Truly Wireless EarbudsWF-C500Rs. 8,990/-Rs. 4,490/-
HeadphonesWH-CH520Rs. 5,990/-Rs. 4,490/-
HeadphonesWI-XB400Rs. 4,990/-Rs. 3,290/-
HeadphonesWI-C100Rs. 2,790/-Rs. 1,399/-
Gaming HeadphonesWH-G900NRs. 27,990/-Rs. 16,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 3,000/- cashback
Gaming HeadphonesWH-G700Rs. 21,990/-Rs. 12,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 2,000/- cashback
Gaming HeadphonesMDR-G300Rs. 9,990/-Rs. 4,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 1,000/- cashback
Bluetooth SpeakersSRS-XE200Rs. 15,990/-Rs. 6,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 3,000/- cashback
Bluetooth SpeakersSRS-XE300Rs. 24,990/-Rs. 11,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 3,000/- cashback

Unmatched Offers on Soundbars and Party Speakers

Sony India is making sure the party never stops by presenting fantastic offers on soundbars and party speakers. Here are the deals to look out for:

CategoryModelMRPOffer PriceCashback
Party SpeakerMHC-V13Rs. 23,990/-Rs. 18,990/-
Party SpeakerMHC-V43DRs. 46,990/-Rs. 36,990/-
Party SpeakerMHC-V73DRs. 65,990/-Rs. 49,990/-
Party SpeakerSRS-XP500Rs. 35,990/-Rs. 25,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 2,000/- cashback
Party SpeakerSRS-XP700Rs. 51,990/-Rs. 34,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 3,000/- cashback
Party SpeakerSRS-XG300Rs. 33,990/-Rs. 12,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 2,000/- cashback
Party SpeakerSRS-XG500Rs. 39,990/-Rs. 22,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 3,000/- cashback
Party SpeakerSRS-XV900Rs. 99,990/-Rs. 63,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 6,000/- cashback
Party SpeakerSRS-XV800Rs. 64,990/-Rs. 42,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 3,000/- cashback
SoundbarHT-S40RRs. 34,990/-Rs. 24,990/-
SoundbarHT-S20RRs. 23,990/-Rs. 15,990/-
SoundbarHT-S400Rs. 28,990/-Rs. 19,990/-
SoundbarHT-A5000Rs. 1,04,990/-Rs. 71,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 8,000/- Cashback
SoundbarHT-A7000Rs. 1,49,990/-Rs. 1,04,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 10,000/- Cashback
SoundbarHT-A9Rs. 1,69,990/-Rs. 1,34,990/-Inclusive of Rs. 10,000/- Cashback

Unbeatable Deals on Cameras

Sony India is not leaving out photography enthusiasts with exclusive offers on cameras. Here are the exciting deals:

  1. Special Launch Offer for ZV-E1 Camera: Customers purchasing the ZV-E1 camera will receive benefits worth Rs. 19,170/-, including a shooting grip with wireless remote commander (GP-VPT2BT) worth Rs. 10,590/-, a battery charger (BC-QZ1) worth Rs. 6,790/-, and a soft carrying case (MII-SC5) worth Rs. 1,790/-, all at no additional cost.
  2. Free BC-QZ1 Charger: Select full-frame camera models such as Alpha7C, Alpha7III, and Alpha7IV come with a free BC-QZ1 charger worth Rs. 6,790/-.
  3. Pro-style Camera Backpack: Customers purchasing the Alpha7SIII camera will receive a Pro-style Camera Backpack worth Rs. 9,990/- for free.
  4. Extended Warranty: Select Full-Frame and Cinema Line camera models come with an extended 2+1-year warranty upon registration on the Alpha Community.



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