Sony India Expands Portfolio with Professional BRAVIA 4K HDR Displays for Commercial Use

Sony India Expands Portfolio with Professional BRAVIA 4K HDR Displays for Commercial Use

Expanding its portfolio, Sony India introduces 13 professional BRAVIA 4K HDR displays catering to diverse commercial needs. The BZ40L, BZ35L, and BZ30L series offer reliability, exceptional picture quality, and wide compatibility options. Ranging from 43 inches to 85 inches, these displays address various demands while boasting Sony’s renowned image quality and a smart System on a Chip (SoC) platform.

The Bright BZ40L Series: A Cut Above the Rest

A standout feature of Sony’s new lineup is the BZ40L series, which showcases state-of-the-art panel treatment unparalleled in competitive displays. The BZ40L series incorporates the Deep Black Non-Glare Coating, striking the perfect balance between high haze and low reflection while maintaining deep blacks and high contrast. With X1 processing, this series achieves 700 nits at 47% haze with anti-reflection (650 nits at 58% haze for the FW-85BZ40L), delivering a visual experience that stands out even in bright ambient light environments.

A Word from Nakashima Tomohiro, Deputy Managing Director, Sony India

Nakashima Tomohiro expressed his satisfaction with the growth of professional BRAVIA display offerings since the launch in 2021. With the addition of new features such as high haze, anti-reflection, and non-glare coatings, Sony aims to cater to evolving customer preferences while prioritizing sustainability. The unparalleled image quality, adaptability, and usability of Sony’s professional displays continue to attract Pro AV users, and Tomohiro is confident that the new alternatives will be well-received.

Meet the Latest Professional BRAVIA 4K HDR Displays

BZ40L Series:

  • FW-85BZ40L (85 inches) – INR 700,000/-
  • FW-75BZ40L (75 inches) – INR 500,000/-
  • FW-65BZ40L (65 inches) – INR 300,000/-
  • FW-55BZ40L (55 inches) – INR 225,000/-

BZ35L Series:

  • FW-75BZ35L (75 inches) – INR 450,000/-
  • FW-65BZ35L (65 inches) – INR 250,000/-
  • FW-55BZ35L (55 inches) – INR 200,000/-

BZ30L Series:

  • FW-85BZ30L (85 inches) – INR 500,000/-
  • FW-75BZ30L (75 inches) – INR 350,000/-
  • FW-65BZ30L (65 inches) – INR 200,000/-
  • FW-55BZ30L (55 inches) – INR 150,000/-
  • FW-50BZ30L (50 inches) – INR 125,000/-
  • FW-43BZ30L (43 inches) – INR 100,000/-

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Sustainability at the Core

Sony’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the new lineup. With the use of SORPLASTM recycled plastic and reduced ink usage on cartons, the displays contribute to less waste. The ECO Dashboard offers valuable insights into power consumption based on settings configuration. Furthermore, all models support 24/7 operation and boast one-step setting presets for easy customization and configuration. Sony’s new professional BRAVIA display lineup supports the Alliance Partner Network, facilitating seamless integration and compatibility with established and emerging solutions providers in corporate, education, transportation, and retail applications.

Availability and Pricing

Starting from August 25, 2023, the BZ40L, BZ35L, and BZ30L series will be available through Sony authorized distributors in India. With prices ranging from INR 100,000 to INR 700,000, businesses can find the perfect fit for their commercial needs.


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