Spotify Premium Prices Changing in Select Markets: Innovation Continues

Spotify Premium Prices Changing in Select Markets: Innovation Continues

Since its inception in 2008, Spotify has been dedicated to providing the best audio experience for music enthusiasts and creators alike. With a focus on innovation and investments in its platform, Spotify has continuously introduced new features to strengthen the connection between fans and artists. From AI-powered discovery tools to shared experiences like Blend and the integration of podcasts and audiobook content, the company has strived to enhance user engagement.

As the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, boasting over 200 million Premium subscribers, Spotify has offered on-demand and ad-free music listening, offline music downloads, and high-quality music streaming. However, to sustain its commitment to innovation and deliver ongoing value to its users and artists, the company is adjusting its Premium prices in several markets around the world.

The markets affected by the price changes include Andorra, Albania, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Croatia, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, San Marino, Thailand, Türkiye, the United States, and Kosovo.

Existing subscribers in these markets will receive an email detailing the implications of these changes for their accounts. In the United States, the new Premium prices are as follows:

  • Premium Single: $10.99
  • Premium Duo: $14.99
  • Premium Family: $16.99
  • Premium Student: $5.99

To find more information on these updates, their effective dates, and how to access your account information, visit or refer to their FAQ page.

Spotify remains committed to delivering an exceptional audio experience for users and creating a thriving platform for artists and creators. These price adjustments will enable the company to continue its quest for innovation and uphold its reputation as a leading audio streaming service globally.


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