Tata Removed the puncture Repair kit from Punch, Tiago, Tigor, and Altroz:

Tata Motors, one of the leading automakers in India, has recently decided to remove the puncture repair kit from some of its popular models. The puncture repair kit was a unique feature that provided an extra layer of safety and convenience to the users. It was available across all variants of Punch, Tiago, Tigor, and Altroz. However, from November 01, 2023, the kit will no longer be offered with these models.

Tata Tyre Punchure Kit

The puncture repair kit consisted of an electric inflator and a puncture-sealing liquid. The inflator could be plugged into the car’s 12v socket and used to inject the liquid into the tyre. The liquid would seal the puncture and allow the user to drive to the nearest repair shop. The kit was especially useful in situations where there were no repair shops nearby or during nighttime when most of them were closed. This kit was also appreciated by the customers because Tata Motors continued to provide a spare tyre with all the models that had the kit. This gave the users a double assurance in case of a tyre emergency. The kit was also easy to use and did not require any professional assistance.

However, there could be several reasons why Tata Motors decided to discontinue the puncture repair kit from its models. One of them could be the low usage of the kit by the customers. According to some reports, many users preferred to go directly to the mechanic rather than using the kit themselves. This could be due to the lack of DIY skills or the fear of damaging the tyre.

Another reason could be the effectiveness of the kit in real-world conditions. The puncture sealing liquid may not work well for all types of punctures or tyres. It may also depend on the size of the puncture and the age and condition of the tyre. Moreover, the punctures fixed by the kit were not permanent and required a proper repair later. Therefore, some users may have found the kit to be redundant or unreliable.

A third reason could be the cost-cutting measure by Tata Motors. The puncture repair kit may have added to the overall cost of the car and reduced the profit margin for the company. By removing the kit, Tata Motors may have tried to save some money and pass on the benefit to the customers. Alternatively, the company may have decided to invest the money in other features or technologies that could enhance the value proposition of its models.

Tata Tyre Punchure Kit Usage Video.

Whatever the reason, the decision to discontinue the puncture repair kit from select Tata cars may not have a significant impact on the sales or reputation of the company. Tata Motors is known for its focus on safety and quality and has many other features and offerings that attract and retain customers. The puncture repair kit was a nice-to-have feature, but not a deal-breaker for most of the users. Those who still want the kit can buy it from the aftermarket or as an accessory from the dealer.


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