TECNO Partners with University of Leeds to Enhance Multi-Skin Tone Imaging

TECNO, a global pioneer in inclusive camera technology, has announced a strategic partnership with the School of Design at University of Leeds to enhance its multi-skin tone imaging system for its smartphone cameras. The partnership aims to deliver more realistic and accurate portrait photography for people of every skin tone from TECNO’s target markets.

Why TECNO Multi-Skin Tone Imaging Matters

TECNO has always been dedicated to capturing and celebrating the beauty of diversity from emerging markets, especially in Africa and Asia. The brand has developed a unique multi-skin tone imaging system that can accurately represent the true skin tones of people of colour in photography. The system is based on extensive research, scientific verification, and localized user feedback.

However, TECNO is not satisfied with its current achievements and wants to further improve its multi-skin tone imaging system with the help of academic and scientific support from the School of Design at University of Leeds, a renowned institution with a strong background in colour science.

TECNO multi-skin tone imaging

How TECNO and University of Leeds Will Collaborate

The collaboration will focus on delivering scientific research and breakthroughs that advance multi-skin tone portrait imaging technology in smartphones. The partnership will leverage TECNO’s technological capabilities and the School of Design’s colour science expertise to remove the technological, psychological, and localized experience barriers that affect the representation of people of colour in photography.

The partnership will also establish a new standard for cutting-edge multi-skin tone imaging that can enhance the imaging experience for TECNO customers whoever and wherever they are. The partnership will also inspire more innovation and diversity in the smartphone industry.

TECNO has always seen portrait photography as an important opportunity to promote greater inclusivity in smartphone technology. Through our collaboration with the School of Design at University of Leeds, we aim to combine our strengths and use technological innovation to enhance the imaging experience for TECNO customers whoever and wherever they are.

said Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO.

Our involvement in colour and skin tone research has spanned many years, and I’m thrilled that TECNO is joining us to pursue further inclusivity-related research with a shared vision to create more inclusive depictions of beauty. Academic research has a major role in meeting the needs of society, and through collaborations with leading enterprises like TECNO, we continuously discover new ways of implementing our knowledge. We are delighted to be partnering with TECNO as their ambitions align perfectly with ours, namely advancing technologies that can enhance people’s experience of life and contribute to greater inclusivity.

Said, Dr. Kaida Xiao, Technical Advisor of TECNO ColourScience of Skintone Image Technology and Associate Professor in Colour and Imaging Science in the School of Design at the University of Leeds.


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