Telegram Stories: Telegram Marks Its 10th Anniversary by Unveiling Stories Feature

Telegram Stories: Telegram Marks Its 10th Anniversary by Unveiling Stories Feature

Telegram Stories: In a momentous stride forward, Telegram has introduced its Stories feature, celebrating its 10th birthday with a bang. This pioneering move extends beyond its Premium user base to encompass all social media app enthusiasts. Telegram, known for its commitment to innovation, is rolling out an array of new features within Stories, revolutionizing the way users engage and share their experiences.

Universal Access to Stories

From today, every Telegram user gains access to the captivating world of Stories. This bold expansion demonstrates Telegram’s dedication to democratizing its feature offerings. To commemorate this milestone, Telegram has a bundle of exciting features to accompany the grand Stories launch.

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Among the highlights is the fascinating dual-camera mode. This innovation allows users to capture both their perspective and their reactions, enhancing the depth and authenticity of their narratives. Embracing creativity further, Telegram enables the use of stickers in Stories, adding an engaging and expressive layer to your visual journey. Enhancing the storytelling experience, users can tag their locations and add captions enriched with mentions and links, lending context and depth to their tales.

Telegram Stories: Tailored Privacy Controls

In the spirit of personalization, Telegram empowers users to curate their Stories’ audiences. Four distinct levels of privacy are at your fingertips: everyone, contacts, close friends, and selected contacts. This precision ensures that your stories resonate with the intended audience, be it a broad circle of friends or a select few. An ingenious touch is Telegram’s inclusion of the ability to exclude specific individuals from viewing your Stories, ideal for keeping certain narratives from prying eyes.

Setting a Unique Course

Telegram’s resolute commitment to a Stories feature sets it apart, especially in the wake of YouTube’s recent decision to discontinue its YouTube Stories feature. Despite YouTube’s colossal stature, the focus has shifted to its Shorts feature, which users have gravitated towards. This deviation comes as no surprise, considering the vast appeal of Shorts. The divergence in approach showcases Telegram’s dedication to pushing the envelope.

Telegram’s Stories are set to take the world by storm today. This momentous launch beckons you to update your app, welcoming you to share vertical videos on yet another dynamic platform. Join the Telegram community in embracing the power of Stories, and let your narratives unfold in captivating vertical glory.


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