TUMI Cases by CG Mobiles: A New Collection of Premium Smartphone Cases

CG Mobiles is a company that designs and produces smartphone cases and accessories. They work with different luxury brands to create exclusive and innovative products. One of their latest collections is TUMI cases, which is a brand that makes high-quality suitcases and bags for travel.

What are TUMI Cases?

TUMI cases are smartphone cases that are made from premium materials such as leather, aluminium, and TPU. They have the TUMI logo on them, which shows that they are authentic and elegant. They are designed to fit and protect your smartphone, whether it is an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy.

Tumi Mobiles for Galaxy S23 Ultra, iPhone

What are the Different Types of TUMI Cases?

There are different types and colors of TUMI cases to choose from. For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users, there are two types of cases: one with a credit card pocket and one without. Both are made from hard leather that is scratch-resistant and protects the camera.

For Apple iPhone series 14 (Pro and Pro Max) users, there are 10 types of cases, including TPU cases, leather cases, and aluminium cases. Some of the cases have magnetic features that work with Apple’s MagSafe system.

Tumi Cases CG Mobiles

Where can You Buy?

You can buy TUMI cases online at Tekkitake.com (Authorised Reseller) or Amazon.in. You can also visit the CG Mobiles website to learn more about their other products and collaborations.

TUMI cases by CG Mobiles are a new collection of smartphone cases that are made from premium materials and have a luxury brand name. They are available for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users. You can order them online or visit the CG Mobiles website for more information.


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