Twitter to Encourage Adoption of Twitter Blue Subscription Services.


  • Twitter is implementing changes to reduce spam and promote its subscription service, Twitter Blue.
  • Unverified accounts will face daily message limits for sending direct messages.
  • To send more messages, users without the blue tick can subscribe to Twitter Blue.


Twitter, the popular social media platform, is making some significant changes to its messaging system. Starting July 22, unverified accounts will be subject to daily limits on the number of direct messages they can send. This move comes as Twitter seeks to tackle spam and encourage users to subscribe to their paid service, Twitter Blue. If you’ve ever wondered why some accounts have a blue tick while others don’t, this change will have a direct impact on your messaging capabilities.

Daily Limits for Unverified Accounts

Twitter has announced that unverified accounts will now have restrictions on the number of direct messages they can send each day. While the exact limits have not been disclosed yet, it means that users without the coveted blue tick will no longer enjoy unlimited messaging privileges. To have the freedom to send more messages, Twitter is encouraging users to sign up for Twitter Blue, a subscription-based service that offers additional features.

“Message Request Inbox” for Verified Users

In recent times, Twitter introduced a feature where messages from verified users, whom the recipient does not follow, are moved to a separate “message request inbox.” This change was automatically applied to users who had enabled direct messages from everyone. As a result, non-subscribers can no longer message those who don’t follow them. This feature was tested in June 2023 and officially launched on July 14. The good news is that it has already led to a significant “70 per cent reduction in spam in Direct Messages compared to last week.”

Temporary Tweet Reading Limit and Backtracking

In a previous move to promote Twitter Blue, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, imposed a “temporary” limit on the number of tweets non-subscribers could read daily. Additionally, access to tweets and comments on the web was restricted for users who were not logged in. However, Twitter eventually backtracked on this decision on July 5.

Twitter Blue Subscription Details

Twitter Blue is an important initiative for the platform as it aims to diversify its revenue beyond advertising. With Elon Musk at the helm, Twitter seeks to improve its financial standing and cater to its growing user base. Several features that were once free are now part of the Twitter Blue subscription, making it an attractive option for users who want more from the platform.


Twitter’s move to impose daily message limits for unverified accounts is a strategic step towards reducing spam and promoting Twitter Blue subscriptions. By encouraging users to upgrade, the platform aims to enhance the overall user experience while securing its financial future. Whether you have the blue tick or not, these changes are set to impact how you connect and communicate on Twitter.



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