URBAN Unveils Luxury Smartwatch ‘URBAN Fusion’ with Industry-First Quad Sensors for Health Monitoring

URBAN Unveils Luxury Smartwatch 'URBAN Fusion' with Industry-First Quad Sensors for Health Monitoring

the latest innovation from URBAN, the indigenous leader in premium smart wearables. The brand has proudly announced the launch of its cutting-edge ‘URBAN Fusion’ luxury smartwatch, marking yet another milestone in its relentless pursuit of excellence. This newest addition to the esteemed Luxury Series collection introduces a global design language, harmonizing seamlessly with a host of premium features. From a striking 1.46” Bezel-less Ultra HD Super AMOLED Display to its groundbreaking Quad Sensors dedicated to Health Monitoring, this BT Calling smartwatch undoubtedly showcases the brand’s commitment to blending sophistication with advanced technology. The icing on the cake? An exclusive launch price of just INR 3,999.

Designing Luxury, Crafting Elegance

The URBAN Fusion Smartwatch doesn’t just tick the tech boxes; it also wears the crown of elegance. Its shatterproof alloy body, rounded dial, and premium silicone strap coalesce to manifest a classic premium global design language. This unique fusion encapsulates timeless sophistication, allowing the watch to effortlessly complement an array of styles and occasions.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the Bezel-less Ultra HD 1.46” Super AMOLED Display gracing the URBAN Fusion Smartwatch. This display doesn’t just adorn the watch; it becomes an extension of your digital world. The Always-on feature ensures uninterrupted connectivity to your essential information. The crowning glory here? A 60Hz Refresh Rate and an astounding 1000 Nits Brightness, ensuring brilliant visuals whether you’re indoors or under the sun’s embrace.

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Guardian of Your Well-being

URBAN Fusion redefines the smartwatch landscape with its pioneering Industry-first Quad Sensors. These sensors elevate health monitoring to an entirely new level, providing real-time insights into Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, SpO2, and Sleep patterns. This trailblazing feature empowers users to proactively manage their well-being, embodying the modern tech essentials for health-conscious individuals.

URBAN Fusion isn’t just a gadget; it’s a communication hub. Featuring seamless Bluetooth calling capabilities, it lets you make and receive calls directly from your wrist. Even amidst the clamor of bustling surroundings, the noise-isolating microphone ensures crystal-clear conversations. And there’s more – the Address Book & Dialer Pad function simplifies communication by granting direct access to your contacts for hassle-free on-the-go connectivity.

Tailor Your Timepiece

Express your individuality with the URBAN Fusion’s rich array of customization options. Choose from a diverse selection of over 100+ watch faces, ranging from pre-installed to customizable, to truly make this smartwatch an extension of your identity.

Staying productive is effortless with URBAN Fusion’s integrated suites, offering essential tools like Calculators, Alarms, and Notifications, making sure you’re always on top of your game. And for fitness aficionados, the watch presents an impressive repertoire of over 100 Sports modes, presenting precise metrics such as Calories Burnt and an Accurate Step Pedometer. It’s the ultimate companion for fostering a balanced lifestyle.

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Unveiling and Availability

URBAN Fusion emerges as the pinnacle of smart luxury, available for purchase on the official company website, prominent e-commerce platforms, and all leading retail outlets. It launches with an enticing starting price of just INR 3,999. Choose between the bold Flame Orange or the sleek Corporate Black to match your personal style. URBAN once again proves its commitment to democratizing advanced technology, ensuring that luxury and innovation are within everyone’s reach.


DesignShatterproof alloy body, round dial, premium silicone strap
Display1.46” Bezel-less Ultra HD Super AMOLED Display, 60Hz Refresh Rate, 1000 Nits Brightness, Always-on
Health MonitoringQuad Sensors for Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, SpO2, Sleep patterns
ConnectivityBluetooth calling, Noise-isolating microphone, Address Book & Dialer Pad
CustomizationOver 100+ customizable watch faces
ProductivityCalculators, Alarms, Notifications
Fitness100+ Sports modes, Calories Burnt, Accurate Step Pedometer
Price & ColorsStarting at INR 3,999, available in Flame Orange and Corporate Black


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