Versuni Expands into Home Safety Products, Launches Philips Smart Security Cameras

Versuni, formerly known as Philips Domestic Appliances, continues its commitment to transforming houses into homes with cutting-edge innovation. Today, the company announced its strategic expansion into the Home Safety Products market, unveiling a range of Philips Smart Security Cameras and a user-friendly Home Safety app. This latest addition strengthens the brand’s extensive offerings in India, encompassing Kitchen Appliances, Garment Steamers, and Home Care products.

Versuni Expands into Home Safety Products, Launches Philips Smart Security Cameras

The Philips Smart Security Cameras boast an array of advanced features, making them a valuable addition to any home:

  • 24*7 Control: Stay connected and monitor your home round-the-clock from anywhere.
  • AI Motion Detection: Smartly differentiate between motion, noise, and people, reducing false alarms and providing accurate alerts.
  • Anti-Theft Alarm: Ensure enhanced security with an anti-theft alarm system.
  • Smart Alert: Receive intelligent alerts on your mobile device for any security events.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Enjoy crystal-clear visuals and live view with enhanced clarity.
  • 360-Degree View: Capture a complete view of your surroundings with a 360-degree field of vision.
  • Versuni’s Philips Home Safety solutions combine the power of Artificial Intelligence, user-friendliness, and reliability. With smart capabilities, the security cameras effectively detect and differentiate various events, ensuring accurate notifications and peace of mind for homeowners. The intuitive setup and usage process are supported by Virtual Assistance, allowing consumers to configure the cameras effortlessly in just three simple steps.

Privacy and data security are paramount, and Philips takes this responsibility seriously. Video analysis is performed on the device itself, ensuring data stays private. Advanced AES-128 encryption, similar to that used by banks, safeguards videos even if the SD card is removed. Moreover, app-level biometric recognition prevents unauthorized access.

Mr. Gulbahar Taurani, MD & CEO of Philips Domestic Appliance, India Subcontinent, expressed his enthusiasm for this expansion, stating, “We are thrilled to strengthen the trust people have in Philips’ range of home appliances with our foray into the Home Safety business. Our comprehensive range of Philips Smart Security Cameras offers round-the-clock control and peace of mind. With cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, and unwavering commitment to data privacy, we aim to make every aspect of homes better and simpler.”

The newly launched range includes three models of Philips Smart Security Cameras:

Philips Smart Indoor WiFi Camera (HSP1000): Ideal for on-the-move control, it offers enhanced day and night vision (2MP), motion detection, two-way communication, anti-theft alarm system, smart alerts, and easy DIY installation.

Philips Smart 360° WiFi Indoor Security Camera (HSP3500): With its 360° view and enhanced 2K clarity (3MP), this camera features motion detection, two-way communication, anti-theft alarm system, smart alerts, and hassle-free DIY installation.

Philips Smart 360° WiFi Indoor Security Camera (HSP3800): Offering a 360° view, enhanced day and color night vision (2MP), motion detection with spotlight, anti-theft alarm system, smart alerts, easy communication, and weatherproof IP65 Rating for clear vision even during rains.

Philips Home Safety ensures comprehensive customer support with self-initiated support materials, quick start guides, and troubleshoot videos. For additional assistance, consumers can contact the virtual assistance team via phone, WhatsApp, or email, with a 7-day Call-Centre support available in six languages. In-person assistance is available at over 250 service centers across India, with the option of at-home camera replacement within 48 hours in seven priority cities.

The Philips Smart Home Security Cameras – HSP 1000, HSP 3500, and HSP 3500 are now available for purchase on Amazon and Philips Domestic Appliances online store, priced at Rs 3,295, Rs 5,295, and Rs 7,795, respectively.

Versuni’s latest offering reflects the brand’s commitment to providing innovative, reliable, and secure solutions, making everyday life better, easier, healthier, and now even safer for consumers across India.


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