Vi Max Family Postpaid Plans Introduce Exciting New Features

Vodafone Idea (Vi) has recently introduced a revolutionary feature called “Data Sharing” in their Vi Max Family Postpaid Plans. This feature allows family members to share extra data ranging from 10 GB to 25 GB, in addition to their chosen plan. This means everyone in the family can enjoy more data for various activities like streaming, working, or studying.

Vi Max Family Postpaid Plan Details – Night Time Unlimited Data

Vi Max Family Postpaid Plan
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In addition to Data Sharing, Vi is now offering “Night Time Unlimited Data” for Vi Max Family Postpaid Plans. This means you can enjoy unlimited data from 12 am to 6 am, making it perfect for late-night streaming or browsing.

The Vi Max Rs 601 Family Plan provides a total data quota of 120 GB with 2 connections. The Rs. 1001 Vi Max Family Plan offers a data quota of 280 GB with 4 connections. The Rs. 1151 Vi Max Family Plan provides a data quota of 325 GB with 5 connections.

All Vi Max Postpaid plans also come with added perks, such as Vi Games, Vi Music, Vi Jobs & Education, and Vi Movies & TV. These added benefits make these plans even more attractive and provide more value for money.

In conclusion, the introduction of Data Sharing and Night Time Unlimited Data in the Vi Max Family Postpaid Plans has added more flexibility and value to these plans. These new features are sure to enhance the user experience and provide more options for customers to choose from.


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