WhatsApp Introduces Email Association for iOS Users in Latest Update

WhatsApp Introduces Email Association for iOS Users in Latest Update

WhatsApp, the widely-used instant messaging platform owned by Meta, is introducing a new feature in its latest iOS update, allowing users to associate an email address with their accounts. This additional access method is designed to assist iPhone users in situations where they may encounter difficulties receiving the standard 6-digit verification code via SMS.

Rolling Out Widely in Latest Update

As reported by WABetaInfo, the 23.24.70 update for iOS is currently being widely rolled out on the App Store. While the official changelog does not explicitly detail the new features, it has been confirmed that WhatsApp is now enabling users to link their email addresses to their accounts.

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Alternative Login Method

To leverage this feature, users can navigate to WhatsApp Settings > Account. This alternative login method becomes particularly handy when users face temporary issues in receiving the 6-digit code via SMS. However, it’s essential to note that while email association is now an option, users must still create an account using a phone number, and logging in with a phone number remains a viable choice.

WhatsApp Introduces Email Association for iOS Users in Latest Update

Bug Fixes and Interface Redesign

The official changelog acknowledges the resolution of a bug causing app slowdown for some users, although the specifics of the bug remain undisclosed. Notably, the latest WhatsApp update for iOS also introduces a redesigned interface featuring a new green color, implemented with the 23.21.72 update. Users are encouraged to explore these changes after installing the update.

Stay Updated and Check for Updates

If you haven’t received the latest WhatsApp feature yet, don’t fret. It’s likely being rolled out gradually to accounts over the next few weeks, even if it’s not specifically mentioned in the official changelog. To stay up-to-date, make sure you regularly check for WhatsApp updates on the App Store or use the TestFlight app to access beta versions.


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