WhatsApp Introduces Video Messages: A New Dimension to Communication

WhatsApp has been a popular messaging app for years, offering voice calls, voice messages, and video calls. However, one significant element has been missing from this series – video messages. But that changes today, as WhatsApp announces the support for sending and receiving video messages.

The new feature allows users to send video messages up to 60 seconds long, and just like other messages on the platform, they are protected with WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, ensuring privacy and security.

Sending a video message is easy and intuitive, deliberately designed to be similar to sending a voice message. Users can access the video message mode by tapping the icon previously designated for voice messages. By holding down the button, users can record their video message, and upon release, it will be sent. Moreover, users can swipe up to lock and record the video without the need to keep the button pressed, making the process seamless and user-friendly.

Once a video message is received in a chat, it automatically plays on mute. Tapping on the video while it’s playing will enable sound, which can be toggled on and off as desired.

WhatsApp is gradually rolling out this exciting feature, and users can expect it to be available to all in the coming weeks.

The addition of video messages is a significant enhancement to WhatsApp’s communication capabilities, providing users with more versatile and engaging ways to interact with their contacts.



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