Will Apple budget MacBook stay under Rs 30,000?

Will Apple budget MacBook stay under Rs 30,000?

Apple is reportedly planning to release a low-cost MacBook as it aims to compete with Google’s Chromebooks and affordable Windows laptops. This move is expected to shake up the budget laptop market. The cost-effective MacBook is rumored to be launched in the second half of 2024. It remains to be seen whether Apple can provide a laptop priced below Rs. 30,000.

Chromebook Competition:

Will Apple budget MacBook stay under Rs 30,000?

When we consider the landscape of budget laptops on platforms like Flipkart and Amazon, it becomes evident that Chromebooks dominate the sub-Rs 30,000 segment. These Chrome OS-powered machines cater primarily to individuals on a tight budget seeking laptops for educational or casual use. This prompts the question: will Apple position its low-cost MacBook within this price range? While the exact pricing details remain shrouded in secrecy, experts are skeptical about Apple venturing into the sub-Rs 30,000 territory.

A History of Apple’s ‘Affordable’ Offerings:

Apple’s history with affordable products is checkered at best. The company’s foray into budget smartphones with the SE series garnered significant attention. However, it left many potential buyers disappointed due to its relatively high price point. The first-generation iPhone SE, launched in India at Rs 39,000, set the tone. Subsequent iterations, including the iPhone SE 2 and SE 3, were also priced notably higher than the sub-Rs 30,000 mark. This trend suggests that Apple’s definition of “affordable” might differ significantly from what budget-conscious consumers expect.

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Why Apple’s Low-Cost MacBook Could Still Find Takers:

While it’s unlikely that Apple will offer a laptop for less than Rs 30,000, there are reasons why consumers might still be willing to invest in the product. Apple’s brand assurance, coupled with its reputation for quality, can sway buyers. Additionally, seamless integration with other Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads, through features like AirDrop, call and message syncing, and webcam functionality, could be compelling selling points.

MacBook Potential Pricing Range:

If Apple indeed aims to compete with Chromebooks in the budget market segment, experts speculate that the price tag for the low-cost MacBook could fall within the range of Rs 45,000 to Rs 60,000. This would position it as a more premium option compared to Chromebooks while still remaining affordable in the world of Apple products. Presently, Apple’s cheaper MacBook offerings in the Air series start at around Rs 80,000. However, given the absence of official confirmation from Apple, it’s advisable to take these details with a grain of salt.

A Long Wait Ahead:

It’s essential to remember that these rumors are surfacing well in advance of any official announcements. If the reports hold true, the budget Apple MacBook is not expected until the latter half of 2024, more than a year away. In the meantime, Apple enthusiasts have something to look forward to, as the tech giant is gearing up to unveil the new iPhone 15 series on September 12th. Stay tuned to India Today Tech for all the latest updates.


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