Wings Lifestyle Ventures into Laptop Market with Nuvobook Series

Wings Lifestyle Ventures into Laptop Market with Nuvobook Series

Homegrown Indian lifestyle tech brand Wings Lifestyle is set to make waves in the laptop segment. With a solid foundation in the audio and smartwatch domains, the brand is venturing into a new arena, showcasing their commitment to excellence. This expansion includes plans to unveil laptops targeting consumer, gaming, and creator segments. The debutant in their laptop range is the Nuvobook series, a collection that resonates with versatility and innovation. This much-awaited series is all set to launch in mid-September as an exclusive offering on Flipkart.

A Fusion of Expertise and Innovation

Wings’ laptops are poised to be powered by Intel processors, offering a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek design. A spectrum of vibrant color options has been meticulously curated, keeping the vibrant Indian youth in mind. This strategic move into the laptop realm is a natural progression for Wings Lifestyle, founded on their customer-centric ethos. Additionally, the brand’s decision resonates with recent government initiatives like “Make in India,” bolstering local manufacturing.

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The Nuvobook Series: A Glimpse into the Future

The Nuvobook series stands as a testament to Wings’ commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Comprising models like S1, S2, V1, and Pro, this series caters to an array of user requirements. From entry-level laptops ideal for general productivity, school/college work, browsing, and entertainment, to more robust configurations catering to coding, design, editing, and gaming needs—the Nuvobook series delivers.

Design Meets Functionality

The laptops boast a lightweight aluminum alloy build, ensuring both durability and portability. A feast for the eyes, the Full HD displays offer a captivating visual experience. The laptops are equipped with 65W type-C charging, allowing users to power up swiftly. With battery life extending up to 10 hours, users can stay productive throughout the day. Embracing the latest trends, the laptops will be powered by Windows 11 OS, providing a seamless and modern computing experience. The Nuvobook Pro model takes functionality up a notch with a backlit keyboard and a flexible 180-degree hinge.

Bridging the Gap with Affordable Innovation

Wings Lifestyle recognizes the untapped potential in the laptop market. A gap persists between established legacy players and budget-friendly (sub-20K) laptop brands. The brand envisions disrupting this landscape with innovation and accessibility. The pricing strategy for Wings’ laptops aligns with this vision—making high-quality laptops accessible to Indian consumers.

“Our foray into the laptop market is a seamless extension of Wings Lifestyle’s core values—quality products and affordability. Our laptops will harmonize style and performance, delivering a holistic experience in sync with the modern lifestyle of the Indian youth. Starting November, our laptops will proudly bear the label ‘Made in India,’ as we collaborate with local manufacturers to bring this vision to life.”

Nishit Sharma, co-founder of Wings

With a rich legacy of customer trust and a track record of delivering innovative tech products, Wings Lifestyle is all set to redefine the laptop landscape in India. The Nuvobook series is poised to be a game-changer, offering a blend of style, functionality, and affordability.


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