Xiaomi Introduces Convenient “Pick Mi Up” Service for Device Repairs

Xiaomi Pick Mi Up service

In a bid to enhance customer experience, Xiaomi India has launched a new service called “Pick Mi Up”. This service aims to provide a hassle-free solution for Xiaomi and Redmi device users who need repairs.

Understanding the Xiaomi “Pick Mi Up” Service

The “Pick Mi Up” service allows users to request a pickup and drop service for their devices right from their homes. To avail of this service, users need to download the Xiaomi Service+ app and provide the necessary details. The app also offers various other services including checking spare part prices, warranty status, and tracking repair status.

Also access Xiaomi PickMiUp service by clicking here

Pricing Details of the “Pick Mi Up” Service

The Pickup and drop service is available at a price of Rs. 199 plus GST. If users only require either pickup or drop-off, the cost is Rs. 99 plus GST. This pricing model makes it an affordable option for many users.

In conclusion, Xiaomi’s new “Pick Mi Up” service is a step forward in enhancing customer experience by making device repairs more convenient and hassle-free.


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