YouTube App Undergoes Radical Redesign: Introducing the “You” Tab

YouTube App Undergoes Radical Redesign: Introducing the "You" Tab

YouTube renowned for its distinct design language, is undergoing a significant transformation. In an effort to enhance user interaction and streamline access to various features, Google is experimenting with a fresh look for the Android version of its beloved YouTube app. The test involves replacing the familiar “Library” tab with a novel “You” tab and relocating the user’s avatar or profile picture to the bottom navigation bar.

A Streamlined User Profile

This transformative move bids adieu to the profile avatar that once nestled in the top-right corner, opting instead to place it firmly in the bottom bar. Serving as the icon for the all-new “You” tab, this revamped section combines the functionality of the previous account menu and the Library. This shift disrupts the uniformity seen across all Google apps, taking a cue from the aesthetics of popular social media platforms like Instagram, as reported by 9to5Google.

Upon diving into the “You” tab, users will first encounter their channel information along with quick-access buttons for tasks such as switching accounts, managing their Google Account, and initiating Incognito mode. The settings for the app can now be swiftly accessed through a dedicated gear icon, exclusive to this page, offering users an expedited route to their preferences.

A Revamped Content Organization

Further down the revamped interface, carousels for “History” and “Playlists” come into view, with the latter no longer presented as a continuous list—a departure from its previous Library-like appearance. This change signifies a shift away from the Library paradigm, aligning with the evolving role of the YouTube app in contrast to its music and TV counterparts.

In the testing phase, Google has rolled out updates to the You tab on YouTube for a select group of Android users. As users scroll down, they will find sections for their Videos, Downloads, Clips, Movies, Premium Benefits, Time Watched, and Help & Feedback. This comprehensive overview aims to gather user feedback to fine-tune the You tab before making it available to a wider audience.


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