YouTube Tests AI-Generated Summaries to Enhance Video Selection Process


  • YouTube introduces AI-generated textual summaries for videos.
  • The feature aims to help users discover compelling videos easily.
  • Auto-generated summaries will not replace creators’ descriptions but will serve as an alternative tool.


YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform, has been experimenting with various AI-powered features to enhance user experience. In its latest update, YouTube has introduced AI-generated summaries for videos. While the platform already uses AI for intelligent subtitles, this new feature aims to provide concise overviews of videos, helping users choose the most engaging content to watch.

The Purpose of AI-Generated Summaries

Unlike traditional summaries that focus on reducing the length of lengthy content, YouTube’s AI-generated summaries have a different objective. Instead of shortening videos, they aim to offer users a glimpse into the essence of a video. These textual summaries are intended to assist viewers in making informed decisions about which videos to watch by providing an overview of the content’s key points.

An Official Announcement

YouTube officially unveiled its experiment with AI auto-generated summaries in a recent update on its support page for experimental features. This move signals YouTube’s commitment to exploring innovative ways to enhance user engagement on the platform. While the company hasn’t shared any screenshots of the feature yet, the implementation of these summaries will be visible on both watch and search pages.

Coexisting with Creator’s Descriptions

The introduction of AI-generated summaries does not mean a replacement of the video descriptions crafted by creators. Instead, these summaries will work as complementary tools, providing users with a quick snapshot of what a video entails. Creators’ descriptions will continue to play a crucial role in providing in-depth context and information about their content.

Another Exciting Feature: “Shorts”

In addition to AI-generated summaries, YouTube is exploring another intriguing feature called “Shorts.” This feature allows mobile viewers to create short clips showcasing comments from videos they are currently watching. These Shorts will be prominently featured in the Shorts feed and on the viewer’s channel page. This feature aims to encourage user engagement and facilitate interactions around specific video moments.

Embracing AI for a Better User Experience

With the inclusion of AI-generated summaries and “Shorts,” YouTube is taking significant strides in leveraging artificial intelligence to elevate user experience. By offering concise overviews and interactive Shorts, the platform seeks to make it easier for users to discover and engage with compelling content.


YouTube’s new venture into AI-generated summaries marks a step forward in using technology to enhance the video-watching experience. The platform’s commitment to innovation and experimentation indicates its dedication to continually improving user engagement and satisfaction. As YouTube continues to explore AI-powered features, users can look forward to an even more personalized and exciting video-viewing journey.



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